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Jajba Educational and Welfare Mission has been established to train rural youth physically and morally

College Counselling

College Counselling at JWS encompasses career development, course selection, and planning for university. Students have weekly homeroom meetings and receive personal attention and in individual counselling appointments with the College Counsellor. The College Counsellor arranges workshops, college fairs, and visits from universities, preparing students intensively in Grades 11 and 12 with topics ranging from college research, comparison and “fit,” financial aid, and information about higher education admissions.

Learning Assistance

The Learning Assistance Programme supports students who have identified learning difficulties or a special learning need that interferes with their success in the classroom. The department also supports students who struggle to concentrate in class. All the students attend regular mainstream classes. Learning Support is provided during specialist classes such as Library/Art/Drama/a second language. Special care is taken so that students are not pulled out of classes that they really thrive in. The department works very closely with regular classroom teachers to create an environment where each child is respected as a learner.

Personal Counselling

Personal counselling is available to all students. Trained and experienced counsellors are available to spend time with students helping them think through and deal with a variety of issues in their lives, from family and interpersonal relationships to unhealthy behaviours.

English as a Second Language

JWS welcomes capable students who are aspiring to learn English. The English as a Second Language (ESL) programme is designed to help learners to master the necessary English speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing language skills to succeed in TWS’s rigorous academic environment. TWS offers ESL to Grades 2-10, with a focus on Grades 6-9. ESL students may be pulled out for individual/small group ESL instruction, supported by an ESL teacher in class, or receive a combination of both types of service, depending on individual students’ needs.