The role of a teacher is truly an all-encompassing one; it requires the skills of counsellor, mentor, coach and more. Teachers are charged with the task of preparing students for their many and varied futures, giving them the tools to make their way successfully in life. However, the world is changing at such a rapid rate that we are preparing students now for futures we cannot even envisage and for jobs that may not have even yet been thought of. At JWS we recognise the imperative need to transform our teaching methodology if we are to adequately prepare students for their futures. It is now longer enough to simply fill children's heads with facts and figures, to ask them to memorise lists and formulae, but we have to give them skills in order them to apply their knowledge. Taurian students are given opportunities to hone their abilities in the areas of problem-solving, thinking creatively and expressing ideas. Collaborative projects and group activities allow students to develop confidence in language usage and presentation techniques. Our students are privileged to have direct interaction with foreign members of staff who are native speakers and ambassadors of culture for their respective countries. As a community of learners here at Taurian we understand that education does not stop when a person graduates from school. Learning is an on-going process and extends to the teaching faculty also. We invest heavily in staff development, running weekly training sessions to ensure that teachers can advance their own skills and awareness of the pedagogical developments in the education world.