The JWS Admissions Committee is responsible for making all decisions regarding student applications. In their assessment of an application, the Committee takes the following information into account:

  • Student’s profile
  • Family background
  • Parents’ profile
  • Previous academic background
  • Performance on JWS standardised entrance assessments
  • Availability of seats at the recommended grade level

The admissions office must receive a completed application, including all supporting documents, before a student is considered for admission. The prospective parents will have to purchase the Registration Kit by paying a sum of Rs 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only), which contains the Application Form. The Student will have to submit the Application Form duly filled in along with the stipulated documents at the time of seeking the admission. After the Admissions Committee approves the application, & verifies the submitted documents the prospective parents will remit all necessary fees. Please note that admission will only be granted and student be allowed to attend the class when all fees are paid and all stipulated documents are submitted. If, by the first day of the session, all fees are not paid and/or all documents are not submitted, the student’s name will not be entered into the rolls of the school and s/he will not be allowed entry into the school.